An important decision has been reached regarding the HVDL Foundation Trust’s policy on overseas collaboration.

As any prospective applicant will read, overseas collaborations are largely not permitted, however the trustees have agreed (5/3/18) that any application may include collaborators from Europe. However, the potential Principal Investigator (and therefore fund holder) must be UK based. 

The following information clarifies the rest of our collaboration policy:


A maximum of three co-applicants can be added. Co-applicants can be from a non-UK institution. Replacement teaching costs can be added for the Co-applicants.

Collaborating Across Sectors

All types of organisations are welcome to apply e.g. third sector, CIC, educational establishment or government body, preferably with an academic partnership or collaboration. Eligibility of business, third sector or government body will not normally need to be checked if it is reasonably clear that the team are appropriate to conduct the work.

If you are a UK business, third sector or government body, you may apply individually but your application will be strengthened by identifying an academic consultant or named partner for any project.

  • All costs associated with the business, third sector or government body co-investigator must be included in the application
  • Costs associated with a business, third sector or government body co-investigator’s contribution to a project should not, except in exceptional circumstances, exceed 30%, of the overall cost of the grant.
  • Salary costs will only be covered up to the equivalent of 1 year FTE for business and third sector organisations, no salary costs will be covered for co-investigators from government bodies.
  • Travel and subsistence costs will be allowable if appropriately justified for business, third sector or government body co-investigators.
  • Administrative support and fieldwork costs may be permissible for business (exceptionally) and third sector co-investigators.
  • Business, third sector and government partners can be included under the heading of consultants. In all cases, funds are transferred to the PI’s Research Organisation in the first instance. It is then the responsibility of that institution to disburse funds to the business, third sector or government body.


For further information, please head over to our Eligibility page, or Contact Us directly with a query.